September 19, 2002


The points CrankyChick makes in Politics are very valid. Goddess knows I neither like nor trust the de facto, unelected "President", but maybe some sort of action against Iraq is indeed necessary. It is a fact that the Government has access to a lot of information we the people don�t know. This is not to say that the people should not express their opinions; they should and the Government ought to take them into consideration. But in thinking about the issue of Iraq I am reminded that if Adolf Hitler had not been stopped forcefully � which many Americans opposed at the time � I (and many others) would now be a wisp of smoke in the stratosphere. By the way, for an interesting comparison between the de facto, unelected "President" and "der F�hrer" see Amish Tech Support.

I see the legitimacy of opposing war no matter what; it is a tempting position and provides a moral "high ground", but what if avoiding war now (assuming this were possible, since war is being brought into American territory) were to lead to even greater evils in the future? As usual in life, this is a decision that must be taken without having all the necessary information (and I don�t mean just because some information is secret, but because nobody knows).

I'm glad I'm not President, and I can't imagine anybody actually wanting to be. I'm much interested in hearing/reading all articulate, intelligent opinions on either side of this dilemma; perhaps they will help me see more clearly what would be the ethical course of action. Goddess help us all!

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