January 28, 2003

Incomunicado no more

My ability to send and receive e-mail is more or less restored through my spouse�s computer. I say more or less because it is a laptop with a tiny keyboard which is very difficult to use for my large paws.

I don�t think I'll be replacing my dead computer very soon, so my computing activities will be rather diminished, but at least I'll no longer be incomunicado.

January 24, 2003


NOT, as my spell-checker keeps insisting, "incommunicado".

My computer has died, not long after the extended three year warranty I had purchased expired (�honni soit qui mal y pense�, said Edward III, but, I�m sorry, I must be �honni�, since I have the darkest misgivings about the timing). So I am incomunicado via e-mail. I am posting this through my spouse�s computer, a laptop with a tiny keyboard which is cruel and unusual punishment on my fingers.

I intend to get back on line with a new computer as soon as I can, but it may be a while.