October 22, 2002

Pro Choice Is Not Anti Life

I�ve joined the Pro Choice Is Not Anti Life web ring, and I have a few observations about the subject.

The patriarchal attitude that pretends to deny women control over their own bodies puts my usually non-violent nature to a severe test, but calling that position "pro life" is really adding insult to injury. Some of those who hold that position engage in or condone the bombing of women's clinics and the murder of doctors who serve in them; is THAT "pro life"? Some of them are in favor of the death penalty; is THAT "pro life"? Unfettered availability of firearms; is THAT "pro life"? Whatever war the country happens to be engaged at the time; is THAT "pro life"?

What they are in favor of is power over others and control over their lives. If you disapprove of abortion then don�t have one, but don�t try to impose the rules of your religion over others who may follow different religions or no religion.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion", says the First Amendment to the US Constitution. Why then are there laws regulating the sexes and numbers of the participants in a marriage, and which day of the week should be a day of rest? And to make matters even more outrageous many of those who flout the First Amendment on those issues are keen on invoking the Second Amendment to thwart any attempt to regulate firearms.

One of the most egregious of those entities is aptly commented upon by Tess.

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