October 31, 2002

To all persons who are not planning to vote but would vote Democratic if they did

Please change your mind and vote. Perhaps you lived all your life in the United States of America and elections are something you take for granted, no big deal. But I assure you they ARE a big deal. In most countries of the world there are no such things as elections, or if there are they are a sham, sometimes with only one set of candidates getting 99.9% of the vote. Yes, I agree with you: what happened here with the 2000 elections seemed to indicate that the United States is going the way of other countries with a government selected by coup d'�tat. But let us hope that was an aberration due to a most unfortunate but unlikely-to-happen-again combination of circumstances: a relatively tight vote, the presence of a ridiculous and hopeless third-party candidate who drained votes from the Democrats, retarded or malicious vote counters in Florida who took too long to perform their task and a Supreme Court with a Republican-appointed majority that made a political and not legal decision.

If you have the good fortune of being a citizen of the United States PLEASE do not fail to vote.

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