October 03, 2002

War? (yes, again)

I recommend I'll Have a Side Of World Peace With My Fountain of Youth.

I strongly dislike the de facto unelected acting "President", and disagree with Tess' opinion that "The only thing I see that's truly diabolical about Bush is the way he massacres the English language." Horrid as his mistreatment of the English language is, in my opinion there is a lot more than that wrong with the de facto unelected acting "President" and his right-wing gang. But I think Tess makes several good points about the lessons of history on the impossibility of "rational discourse" with madmen.

Psychopaths sometimes have to be forcibly restrained for the protection of others. In the case of an isolated madman the paramedics are called, but in the case of a madman at the head of a country and commanding armies military action may be necessary.

I am as much against war as anyone; war is horrible and to be avoided at ALMOST all costs. But let us remember that without war the unholy institution of slavery would still exist, we would still be British subjects, the Nazis would rule over any area of the world they had chosen to invade. In some cases war may be a necessary evil, and the lesser of various evils.

Why have there not been other horrendous atrocities of the magnitude of 9/11 since that day? We will probably never know, but a possible and in my opinion likely explanation is disarray caused among the terrorists by the pounding inflicted on them by the US Armed Forces.

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